What can you do if you don’t love your tattoo?

Tattoos are a popular form of self-expression that can bring about tremendous joy… and at times… tremendous shame. If your tattoo didn’t end up as you had envisioned it before stepping into the parlor, or you’ve just grown tired of it or find it no longer represents you, there’s no need to fret! Here are some solutions to heal your tattoo woes:

  • Permanent tattoo removal: At our Los Angeles clinics, we offer effective tattoo removal services at an affordable cost. We use the PicoLazer system which provides safe, effective tattoo removal with outstanding results. It’s a revolutionary new treatment that does not solely rely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted body art or pigments that cause dark spots in your skin. It’s also incredibly fast, delivering energy quickly to shatter the pigments and tattoo ink without harming surrounding tissues. PicoLazer works on different types of tattoos on various parts of the body. Typically, full removal will require 3-1 sessions scheduled 4-6 weeks apart to ensure optimal results. While most patients find Tri-Lase quite tolerable, we can also minimize any sensations through the use of numbing. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us. We offer free consultations.
  • Tattoo Artistry: If you have an unwanted tattoo, you can work with a skilled tattoo artist to help enhance or fix it or redesign it into something you’ll be proud to showcase. If you decide to go with this option, please do extensive research and make sure the artist you select is fully skilled and capable of effectively modifying your tattoo so it suits your needs.
  • Makeup: You can use concealers, foundations, and professional-level makeup application to reduce the appearance of unwanted tattoos. Typically, this will require some form of color-correction, concealing of the tattoo, foundation, and additional powders or bronzers to match your skin tone. These solutions are imperfect but can help minimize the appearance of tattoos. Unlike permanent tattoo removal services, makeup application can require quite a bit of time and upkeep on a consistent basis.

If you’re feeling stuck with a tattoo you no longer love, we urge you to consider the above options. While many solutions can help, we recommend permanent tattoo removal as it’s the most effective and longest lasting solution. Our team can help you determine if it’s right for your needs. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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