Masseter Botox for TMJ


Masseter Botox for TMJ

Botox is well-known for its ability to soften and smooth wrinkles, but the powerful injectable has many additional medical and aesthetic benefits. Masseter BOTOX® is one of the lesser-known treatments that has both medical and aesthetic benefits.

Masseter Botox is injected into the masseter muscle (one of the muscles responsible for chewing) located between the cheekbone and jaw area. When injected into this area, the benefits can range from an improvement in TMJ symptoms to a slimmer jaw and more contoured and less square jawline.

In addressing TMJ and related symptoms of TMD (Temporomandibular disorders), Masseter botox can reduce pain related to teeth grinding, jaw tension and clenching, and even provide relief from or a reduction in headaches caused by TMJ. The aesthetic benefits may prove helpful to TMJ sufferers as well because those who clench have a tendency to have enlarged temporalis muscles. Similarly, teeth grinders also tend to have enlarged masseters and hollowed temples due to the chronic tension caused by grinding. Masseter injections can help soften the face and create a slimmer looking jawline.

The procedure is fairly simple and doesn’t require much downtime. Results are noticeable fairly quickly, with full results showing up in about a week in most cases. Botox typically lasts 3-4 months but those requiring higher doses to treat their symptoms may receive benefits for a bit longer. As always, each case can vary so it’s important to connect with our team to discuss your specific case. We offer complimentary consultations to help answer your questions and help create a plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Masseter Botox can be helpful for those with TMJ and associated symptoms. In addition to treating pain, reducing and relieving tension and related headaches, it can also help soften the appearance of a square-shaped jawline.
The specific number of units you need may vary, though the number can be a bit higher than necessary when Botox is used to soften wrinkles. Please contact our team to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific case and treatment plan.
Results will show quickly and continue to improve for about a week or so. Each case will vary, so your results may not be typical.
Masseter Botox tends to last about as long if not longer than Botox used to soften wrinkles. Since higher amounts can be used, the results may last longer. Each person metabolizes at a different rate, but typically, results can last 3-4 months and at times, longer.
You shouldn’t need to take time off of work though you may be instructed to wait a day or so before exercise, getting a facial or massage or participating in any activities that could spread the Botox.

Experience TMJ relief with masseter Botox.

We offer complimentary consultations to help you determine if Masseter Botox for TMJ is right for your concerns.
We accept walk-in appointments for injectables until late, subject to physician availability. Call your clinic for details. Walk-in appointments may be subject to a short wait based on patient volume.