5 Ways to Get Fuller Lips

Ever catch yourself having lip envy when browsing social media? You’re not alone! Celebs, models and influencers seem to have the fullest, most luscious lips. But, fret not! Luscious lips like the ones you’ve been envying aren’t challenging to achieve. Here are 5 ways to get fuller lips:

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration. Dehydrated lips look thin and poorly-defined. This is a really simple fix which can be addressed in a couple ways:Drink more water. Many people are chronically dehydrated which leads to many issues along with worse skin, hair, nails, and lips.Hydrate your lips! Lip masks and hydrating balms will go a long way in creating a plumping effect. Look for products with hyaluronic acid that’ll help give yor lips a fresh and hydrated look.
  2. Lip glosses and polishes. Look for glosses and polishes that create a plumping effect. A popular example of this is Buxom’s lip polish line, but there are many similar products these days that suit all budgets. These will usually tingle for a bit, but they can really do a lot to boost the fullness of your lips for a short time.
  3. Use lip serums and masks. Lip masks and serums can go a long way in creating healthier, fuller lips. A couple affordable options are Neutrogena’s Lip Plumping serum that includes peptides, and Laniege’s Lip Sleeping Mask which contains their powerful Moisture Wrap technology along with cherry extract.
  4. Use SPF when in the sun. Many often forget that the sun’s rays can cause damage to your lips and even lead to skin cancer. If you’re going to be at the beach or outside enjoying the rays, remember to use a lip balm with SPF. We like Sun Bum’s line of SPF 30 chapsticks, but many alternatives will also suffice.
  5. Consider Restylane. Lip filler is also an option if you’d like a more dramatic or lasting solution. Restylane is a filler that uses hyaluronic acid which is occurring in the human body to replace lost volume in the lips. It’s a quick and simple in-office procedure with minimal downtime. At Plush Derma, we offer Restylane at an affordable price as well as free consultations to help you determine if Restylane is right for you. Please contact us to schedule yours.
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