Tickle Lipo 101

Tickle Lipo is a modern FDA-approved, non-invasive fat reduction procedure that delivers powerful results. At Plush Derma’s clinics in El Monte, Huntington Park and Carson, we’re proud to offer the best in Tickle Lipo in the Los Angeles area. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of Tickle Lipo.

So, what is Tickle Lipo?
It’s a new addition to available liposuction treatments and provides a safe and nearly painless treatment with impressive results. While newer to the United States, Tickle Lipo has been safely practiced in Europe for many years.

Tickle Lipo uses different cannulas which target different parts of the body. The variety of cannulas allows for treatment of common and more sensitive areas such as the: back, neck, chest/breast, thighs, chin, face, upper arms, abdomen, and hips.

Who can Tickle Lipo help?
Tickle Lipo is effective for anyone who’s a healthy candidate for liposuction and has decent skin elasticity. Since the recovery time is short, only minimal recovery time is required making it a great solution for anyone who leads an active and busy lifestyle. Most patients can return to their routine in just a few days.

Does Tickle Lipo produce good results?
Yes! Tickle Lipo produces noticeable results almost instantly in most cases. Areas treated with Tickle Lipo will continue to redistribute over the course of a few months with final results usually showing within 6 months. Risks remain low, too. In rare cases, there may be minimal side effects such as dimpling effects due to uneven fat redistribution. Thankfully, these situations can be resolved with additional treatments.

Is Tickle Lipo right for me?
Tickle Lipo is a great solution for most individuals seeking effective, minimally invasive fat reduction. We offer a free consultation to help you if Tickle Lipo is right for you. Please contact us to schedule your consultation.

Source: plasticsurgeons.com

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