Wrinkle Treatments

There are a variety of ways to treat wrinkles. We can help you discover what’s best for you.

Wrinkle Treatments

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There are various ways to treat your wrinkle issues. Whether you’re finding that you are developing folds or you’re tired of those expression wrinkles whenever you laugh, there is a treatment out there for you. Fillers save a lot of time and are less tedious than applying makeup or creams every morning. Though, because they are administered by injection, it is perfectly normal to have concerns. Any treatment you consider deserves careful thought and research, as well as a consultation with a specialist. The following may help answer some common concerns or misconceptions about wrinkle injections.

Wrinkle Treatments FAQ

Treatments such as wrinkle injections are specific to the patient. The type of injection and number of injections used is based upon the area to be treated. However, there is a general routine that you may experience during the process. The specialist might give you a cold pack or topical anesthetic to help numb the treatment area. This is especially used for patients that may be sensitive to pain, as most patients report feeling little to no pain at all. It’s common to feel a slight pressure or mild soreness following the injection(s). You can expect the process to take about 30 minutes with no downtime.
Individual results vary, as there are different types of injections and different types of wrinkles. Botox can last up to about 6 months, Juvederm can last several months to a year (Juvederm Ultra Plus), Radiesse can last up to a year or more and Sculptra can last up to 2 years or so. You should consult with a specialist to discuss your beauty goals and which injectable treatment(s) would be best for you. You can contact us today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Most wrinkle injection treatments have similar side effects. Common effects that you can expect immediately following your treatment includes: redness, mild swelling, mild soreness or tenderness, discoloration of injected area and itching. These effects should be short-term (about a week). If you are still experiencing side effects, or begin experiencing more serious side effects (trouble breathing, excessive bleeding), then you should contact your doctor or the specialist immediately.

If you fear the needle, know that we offer several wrinkle treatments that are not themselves wrinkle injections. Whether you have fine lines or deep nasolabial folds, we can help you find a treatment that effectively diminishes the appearance of those old markers of age. These treatments are:

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