Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Sculptra

Non-Surgical Butt Lift

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Sculptra is a powerful injectable that can be used to enhance the curvature and shape of the buttocks non-surgically. The filler stimulates collagen and helps produce great results when used to create a firmer, lifted butt. 

Unlike a surgical procedure, non-surgical butt lift using the Sculptra filler, the patient achieves great results with minimal risks of infection and requires very little downtime. Through the use of poly-L-lactic acid, the injections fill out the area under the butt creating a naturally curvy shape. 

It’s a perfect solution for any patient who needs to return their daily activities quickly and who wants to minimize risk and discomfort. Want to learn if a non-surgical butt lift is right for you? We offer free consultations!




Using the Sculptra filler, we’re able to achieve a curvy, lifted buttocks area without surgery or anesthesia!

Lasting Results

Resultados duraderos

While full results build over time, they tend to be long-lasting. Most patients will see results for at least 2-3 years.

No Downtime

No tiempo de inactividad

Most patients can resume daily activities quickly without needing significant downtime and recovery.

Minimal Pain

Minimal Pain

This treatment causes minimal pain and discomfort and is perfect for anyone who wants the least invasive procedure.

Natural Results

Resultados naturales

Sculptra works beneath the butt area to create volume over time. Results are powerful, yet gradual and natural.

Happy Patients

Pacientes felices

Unlike a Brazilian butt lift, the results achieved are more natural and gradual yet also quite impressive!


The treatment can cause some soreness, pain is usually minimal. It’s a well-tolerated treatment that’s far less invasive than surgery.

If you’re younger (between 25-45 years of age) and generally healthy, this treatment may be great for you! Typically speaking, this is a great solution for those who are active and desire greater definition, improved lift, and volume in the buttocks.

You’ll notice some improvements fairly quickly – within the first three weeks or so. Your body will continue to work with Sculptra to generate collagen over several months from your final session.

Usually, treatments are fairly quick which is why the treatment has been often referred to as the lunch time butt lift”.

You can return to your normal daily activities within a day, usually. We do recommend avoiding exercise within a day after treatment as you may be sore. You may also experience minimal bruising for 7-10 days after treatment although it can be quicker for some patients. 

Typically, results last 2-3 years at minimum and can last as long as 5 years or longer in some cases.

Lift, firm & get a curvier behind without surgery.

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