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The city of lights and cameras can be intimidating if you don’t always feel camera-ready. Don’t be shy; get the look you want and jump into the shot! Los Angeles is home to not only the most beautiful people but also medical spas that help them preserve that everlasting beauty, such as Plush Derma Laser Clinic & Skin Center. At one of our three locations in Los Angeles County (El Monte, Carson and Huntington Park), you can consult with a doctor or specialist about your dream body and just like magic, you can get it! We offer alternatives to the traditional liposuction, like Tickle Lipo Los Angeles. Tickle Lipo is different from other technologies promising to sculpt the perfect body. It offers a painless, almost effortless solution to stubborn fat in problematic areas. If you don’t believe us, read on or simply call and schedule a FREE consultation today! We can’t wait to assist you on your beauty journey!

tickle lipo los angelesWhat makes Tickle Lipo Different from the Rest?

Tickle Lipo uses state-of-the-art technology to provide patients that is painless and time efficient. This method uses vibrations that disables your pain receptors. This means that you won’t feel anything, or you’ll feel a tickling sensation (makes for a great name, huh?). Due to these qualities, it’s a favorite among doctors and patients everywhere!

Here at Plush Derma, we prefer to use local anesthesia in oppose to general anesthesia. This method is also less traumatizing to other parts of the body, which means faster recovery for the patient. These qualities all point in the direction of a time efficient procedure that allows you to get back to your daily life in as little as a few days.

Who’s a Candidate?

If you’re starting to consider liposuction with Tickle Lipo Los Angeles, but you’re still on the fence, then you should take into account that this procedure is ideal for someone who is close to or at their recommended body weight. Body contouring procedures are meant to tone and tighten stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise.

What it really comes down to is whether or not you feel good about your body image. The perfect beach body is right at the other end of the phone line, waiting for you to dial. If you are self-conscious in any way about your appearance or feel that you can enhance your beauty efforts in some way, then procedures such as Tickle Lipo were made for you. We now live in an age where everything is instant, and if we don’t like something about ourselves, we can fix it.

More Information

To get more specific information for your needs, you can schedule a free consultation for Tickle Lipo Los Angeles at one of our locations in El Monte, Carson and Huntington Park. Start your journey today!


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Our patients love us! We have proudly received overall 5-star ratings on our El Monte and Huntington Park clinics’ Yelp pages

Our patients love us! We have proudly received overall 5-star ratings on our El Monte and Huntington Park clinics’ Yelp pages

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