How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Here at Plush Derma Laser Clinic & Skin Center we will walk you through the laser tattoo removal process. We use the state of the art Tri-Lase System for the most effective and safe laser tattoo removal. Our laser works by gently releasing light-based wavelengths that work to extract tattoo ink. The laser breaks up the pigmentation, allowing your body to flush out the pieces. Over time and several treatments, your tattoo should begin to fade.*

See more before and after pictures of tattoo removal procedures here.

Does It Hurt?

Many of our patients say that the laser tattoo removal process feels similar to receiving the tattoo. However, we offer numbing cream for the treatment area to make sure our patients are comfortable. If you are highly sensitive to the tattoo removal, there may also be additional numbing treatments available.

What Types Of Tattoos Can Be Treated?*

We are able to treat many types of tattoos. From professional tattoos to amateur ones, our Tri-Lase System can treat a wide variety of ink colors, and textures. Even if the ink is deeper in the skin, it is not impossible to reduce the tattoo but it may take a few more sessions to completely treat the tattoo.*

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is a common question we receive but unfortunately there is no one answer. The amount of treatments needed will vary on the individual and on the tattoo. In general, several treatments (around 5) are needed. But again, this will vary on the tattoo and its size.*

Are There Side Effects?

While laser tattoo removal has little risk, side effects include complete loss of pigmentation, scarring, infection at site of treatment, and hypo/hyper-pigmentation. Our specialist will discuss all possible risks to the treatment prior to receive tattoo removal.*

How Much Does A Tattoo Removal Procedure Cost?

Our prices will vary based off the area size of the tattoo as well as the type of tattoo. Our pricing is currently priced by square inch. However, we offer many specials and can work with almost any budget.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee any claims of removing or fading tattoos. Come in for a free consultation to discuss the results you can expect from a tattoo removal treatment.


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Our patients love us! We have proudly received overall 5-star ratings on our El Monte and Huntington Park clinics’ Yelp pages

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