laser hair removal benefits

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Los Angeles is the nation’s unspoken capitol of undying beauty, but participating in the culture can be exhausting. Maintenance of unwanted hair can be one of the most tedious and embarrassing tasks to deal with on a daily basis, also something that has shown to compromise confidence in some people. With new technological advancements, we no longer have to rely on hours with a razor, or painful plucking and waxing. Continue reading to find out just how many laser hair removal benefits you get when you opt out of your usual shaving or waxing routine.


Cost and Time Efficiency

Investing in beauty is something we’re all guilty of, whether it’s buying clothes, spending a few extra dollars for a fancy lipstick or removing hair. Is your current method the best for your pockets in the long run? To have your waxing done by a professional in Los Angeles can be costly (ranging from $50-$70 for both legs). Sessions can be a minimum of every two weeks or less. Considering cost of living and other expenses in the LA area, the numbers can add up and can prove to be stressful on your wallet.

Shaving requires the purchasing of tools and products such as razors and shaving cream and can be the most time-consuming option for removing excess or unwanted hair. While it may be a more fiscally reasonable option than waxing, you might find that you are paying for it with your time. Shaving also can require a more frequent routine.

With laser hair removal, you can invest a lump sum of money into what should be long-term results. The procedure is also designed to be quick and painless. This journey to smooth, hairless skin is generally more comfortable and less frequent than the alternatives.

laser hair removal benefits

How does it Work?

Before the treatment, the doctor may ask you to avoid doing anything to your hair (e.g. plucking, waxing, etc.). Your doctor might also recommend the following: bleaching for darker skin, avoiding sunlight, avoiding smoking six weeks prior, avoiding aspirin and staying hydrated. The practitioner should provide you with eye shields to protect your retinas during the treatment. Cold gel or a chilling device is commonly used to protect the outer layers of the skin. A [low energy] laser beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicles. This should permanently disable active-growth hair follicles. This procedure may take more than one treatment for the best results, as advised by the doctor.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits: They Outnumber the Costs

If you want to save time and money, laser hair removal is a great course of action. Automate your beauty routines. Visit Plush Derma for professional laser hair removal services on areas as diverse as the lip and the tummy trail!


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