Kybella vs. CoolMini

When a new aesthetic procedure comes out that claims to be a better alternative than the one before, a competition is sure to follow. For example, when it comes to eliminating chin fat without resorting to surgery, there are two giants battling it out. Between the freeze technology of the CoolMini and the fat destroying Kybella, many are left wondering which one would be the best. Is there a new king of Los Angeles fat reduction other than the celebrity endorsed Kybella?


CoolMini Los Angeles

The CoolMini is being touted as the newest breakthrough in the industry. It’s claim to fame is the fact that it can destroy fat cells by simply freezing them. This means that there are no injections, no down time, and is non-invasive. But does this mean that it is the most effective for everyone? Not exactly.

The CoolMini mainly targets people who have looser skin. Which means that if you don’t have a large amount of chin fat, but still want to get rid of it, that this procedure is not for you. The way that the procedure works is by attaching the applicator, which pulls slightly as it extracts energy (cools) the fat tissue. Because of the pulling, it is recommended for people with excess fat, so it can properly grab the area. From there the body kills and disposes of the frozen fat cells.

The downside of the CoolMini is that while it is effective, getting rid of chin fat can pose as a technical issue. The applicator used for this procedure is set at one particular size, so if you have a face that is smaller or excess fat on the outside of the chin, it won’t be as effective. Because of this, it could leave the face with a ‘shelf-like’ appearance.

Another issue with this procedure is that it isn’t for everyone. As previously stated, the main target for the CoolMini applicator is people who are a bit older with saggy skin or people who have excessive amounts of fat under the chin. So, people who are younger with slight chin fat and taunt skin would not benefit from this treatment.


Kybella Los Angeles

While the CoolMini was presented as Kybella’s possible replacement, there are still greater benefits to this procedure. Kybella is administered via injections, which may cause discomfort, but the guarantee of improvement is much better than its competitor.

The advantage to Kybella is that it is available to a wider clientele base, and easily tailored to the body. Our Plush Derma Laser licensed professionals can easily discuss and decide the right dosage for you. With the predetermined dosage, our healthcare professionals can easily treat the affected areas under your chin. The benefit to the Kybella shot, is that it can reach all areas, leaving you with a chiseled, beautiful jawline. And, unlike the cooling procedure, this procedure also tightens the skin, so you don’t have sagging afterwards.

The time that it takes during each treatment is also a lot quicker than CoolMini. The average time for Kybella is fifteen minutes, whereas the cooling procedure is an hour at least. So if you are looking for quick, efficient, and time saving, then Kybella would be the best one to choose.


While choosing between Kybella and CoolMini for chin fat might be a hard selection for some, it’s always best to go with the one that has the most precision. To get a consultation and ensure the best results in aesthetic procedures, contact us at our Plush Derma Laser Los Angeles offices. We can ensure you the very best treatment and the latest in cosmetic procedures. We have offices located in both El Monte and Huntington Park.




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Our patients love us! We have proudly received overall 5-star ratings on our El Monte and Huntington Park clinics’ Yelp pages

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